This is sidewalk chalk is next level! (Taken with Instagram at hammond arts center)
Brb, going to Indiana to speak at #5thinsight design conf! Alternative caption: @chadkouri ramps up w/ skrillex (Taken with Instagram)
#niecesarethebest (Taken with Instagram)
184 glorious edit-free pages, off to print! Next stop: bar. (Taken with Instagram at Studio Gang Architects)
Mermaid off the port brow! Stand fast! Secure the rigging! (Taken with Instagram at Chicago Yacht Club)
Internet, will you send your best birthday wishes to my incredible Mum! She’s the very best as they come. (Taken with Instagram)
Amazing bike storage! Idea for you @domowit?! (Taken with Instagram at studio 1008)
New books and zines @chadkouri brought home from LA. (Taken with Instagram)
Brunch! Sourdough, peaches, fried green heirloom termaters. No pictured: eggs, sausages, fingerling potatoes (Taken with Instagram)
Mwahahahahahahaha! (Taken with Instagram at Rational Park)